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    YOU! If you are convicted of certain crimes in your state, you'll have to file an SR22.


    SR-22 insurance varies state to state - an SR22 isn't a type of insurance, but rather proof that you have certain types of insurance (based upon the financial responsibility laws of your state). It is simply a form that your insurance company files with your home state (with your motor vehicles division). This form lets the DMV know that your insurance is active - if you miss a payment, it could be inactivated at the speed of light since all this stuff is computerized!

    WHEN: Before you are convicted of DUI, or lose at the motor vehicle license bureau - contact companies prior to conviction to save the most money! Use private insurance brokers as needed!

    WHY: Insurance companies are out to take advantage of DUI convictioned people - don't fess up to a DUI until you actually are convicted of it - your attorney can tell you all about it!

    WHERE: Get a quote above! For California, use John MacDonald!

    HOW: Easy and free - check out our free, no obligation, service FREE!